Novel ChemiSTEM in MA-tek

High Performance EDX Analysis

  • ・High Collection Efficiency
  • ・High Sensitivity of Light Elements
  • ・Fast Mapping & Linescan
  • ・Line-Profile From Mapping Result
  • ・Various Softwares for data processing: Bruker, Q-map, TIA, in-house self-developeda

TEM/EDX Line Scan : Metal and Low-K oxide


TEM/EDX Line Scan : NMOS Metal Gate

EDX Mapping : NMOS/PMOS by P-V TEM

EDX Mapping : NMOS/PMOS by P-V TEM, all elements involved

EDX Mapping : As doping in S/D region

Charge Rate : 1.5 hrs

TEM/EDX Line Scan of Si/Ta/Cu -De-convolution of overlapped peaks

Original EDX line profiles, low intensity line profiles of Ta, Lb1 and Hf, Lb1 lie below Si line profile (red line).

Processed EDX line profiles, high intensity and separate line profiles of Ta Lb1 (blue line) and HfLb1 (purple line).

SIMS vs. TEM/EDX of Blue LED Elemental Profiling

EDX Line-scanning (Detection limit can reach <1at%.)