Delayer (chemicaldry etching and polish)

Technical Concept

To remove the epoxy or compound of IC by laser beam etching. It can be well control the accuracy of open window and reduce the influence of electrical characteristic of IC due to over etching.

Equipment Capacity

Reactive ion etcher (RIE)

Polish equipments


Ma-tek has rich experience and technologies in IC delayer process and provide alternative methods to customer :

  • (1)Chemical wet etching
  • (2)RIE dry etching
  • (3)Mechanical polish

Structure analysis (FA) and reverse engineering are the major applications of delayer. In failure analysis, layer by layer checking/inspection, it can be identified if the defect is caused by process issue such as etching residue, metal crack or broken, oxide defect and poor via connection. In applications of reverse engineering, we can trace back the layout and circuitry. Delayer is the most important technology in sample preparation of IC failure analysis. Ma-tek has earned the confidence and approbation from customer in this technology.

OM Imaging

SEM Imaging