Thermal Emission Microscope

Thermal Emission Microscope

THEMOS mini is a semiconductor failure analysis system that pinpoints failures by detecting heat emissions generated within the semiconductor device. This system displays a thermal image detected by a high-sensitivity thermal emission detector (InSb detector) and superimposes it on pattern images of semiconductor device and package acquired with the IR confocal laser microscope. This system is also more ecofriendly than ordinary liquid crystal methods.

Equipment Capacity


  • *Short-circuit of metal wires
  • *Abnormality of contact holes
  • *PKG short wires (w/o decapsulation)
  • *Oxide layer breakdown/leakage
  • *TFT-LCD leakage/Organic EL leakage localization
  • *Observation of temperature abnormalities in devices under development process
  • *ESD latch up, PCB traces open/short
  • *Dynamic/Static analysis...etc

  • IC backside pattern + thermal emission

  • Thermal emission

(2)Thermal emission analysis image through IC's front side